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BitcoinPoS Core Wallet v0.21 MANDATORY UPDATE

Updated on September 28, 2022

BitcoinPoS Undergoes Hard Fork

We've just released BitcoinPoS Core 0.21 on top on Bitcoin Core 0.21. This version comes with several new items: new features, several performance improvements, a brushed up UI with new screens, several bug fixes  and improvements to the ease of use of the wallet.
And now, on to the exciting stuff; we're happy to announce that as part of this version we've added a major feature: Cold Staking. With Cold Staking we're addressing a huge gap in the staking ecosystem: secure delegation of staking rights. This will allow users to delegate their staking rights to secondary wallets (and even 3rd parties) whilst maintaining complete ownership over the funds.
There's good news for providers of cold staking services also: as part of the consensus protocol, 7% of the block reward is automatically directed to the wallet doing the staking operation for blocks staked with Cold Stake Delegations. This enables individuals and even enterprises with the necessary hardware to provide cold staking features by just advertising their addresses.
This major feature requires however a consensus protocol update in order to accomodate the new rules: the new cold staking contract is defined and the MPOS mechanism is being phased out. This fork will happen at block 260000, estimated to be on March 15th 2021, giving everyone ample time to update their wallets.

BitcoinPoS Team